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Title ✨Contour your face✨
Too Cool For School
Art Class by Rodin 3-Color Face Shading 9.5g
Posted by jolse (ip:)
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  • Date 2021-10-26 16:27:57
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 Too Cool For School 

 Art Class by Rodin 3-Color Face Shading 9.5g 

Rodin Shading from Too Cool For School is the most famous shading in Korea.  

Since it is the original three-color shading brand, 

only Too Cool For School comes to mind when I think of shading💛

Too Cool For School Rodin Shading is very useful because 

it can make your face contouring, eyebrows, and nose line clear. 

Since the three colors are appropriate, 

even beginners can apply shading makeup 😊without worrying😊

The cardboard packaging is gorgeous and unique.

It comes in wrapping paper👏👏

The case is flat. 

When you open it, you can stretch it out to a straight line.😲

The mirror is attached together. And it is suitable for portable use.


Nude Beige

Soft and subtle nude beige

Peanut Brown

Peanut brown for calm contour shades


Warm, deep brown for deep contour shades


The three shades can be used together or individually to complete your look.

The powder is amazingly soft.👀👍

When I swirl my brush a little, I get a lot of amount of product fall out. 

It’s perfect for daytime contouring.

When you contour the outer face, mix all shading colors.

Then brush from the outer edges of the face and inwards to define the jaw.

When you contour the nose, mix nude beige and peanut brown

 to start from the inner corner of the eye👀

 continuing down the side of the nose bridge and down to the tip for a more defined nose.

It provides just the perfect shade💕 

The product is not too pigmented and not too subtle.


Attachment 211026_main_toocoolforschool.jpg
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  • T**** 2023-03-10 21:36:08 0points
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    Spam Such shading is most often used in cosmetology training courses. I think it's perfect for this purpose.
  • N**** 2023-03-10 23:33:59 0points
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    Spam This shading is popular not only in Korea, it has also received a lot of distribution in our country, but it is forbidden to use it at our school. Schoolchildren tried to defend their rights, but so far the school administration forbids attending classes if schoolchildren wear a lot of cosmetics.
  • S**** 2023-03-11 07:14:34 0points
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    Spam An excellent set for both schoolchildren and students, I was surprised but we have a lot of people on campus who use it.
  • D**** 2023-03-11 07:25:26 0points
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  • e**** 2023-09-26 17:32:10 0points
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  • j**** 2023-11-20 20:09:22 0points
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